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The social insurance that treats you well.

Axieme | Assicuriamoci insieme

We reward you with a giveback to acknowledge your good behavior.
No claims? Yes giveback!

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The new era of insurance

icon choose policy axieme 1

Choose and buy your policy

icon join the circle axieme 2

Get grouped with others who have a similar policy

icon calculate giveback axieme 3

According to the number of claims in your circle the algorithm calculates your giveback

icon get giveback axieme 4

Get your Giveback

The first insurance that rewards you because it's

icon social axieme
Save money to the Circle you belong to

When you purchase your insurance, you get grouped with people who bought the same policy as you.

icon meritocratic axieme
Save money thanks to
your Rating

Axieme gives you a personal rating that depends on the claims you (don't) file. Finally, an insurance that values you.

icon fair axieme
Save money thanks to
the Giveback

When the policy expires we will
refund you a chunk of your
insurance premium.

Get insured together

Support the growth of your circle inviting your friends to join!

We call it the "mattress effect".

If there are few people in a circle and one of them has a claim, the impact (i.e. lowering the giveback) is higher than if there were more people in the circle.

More people in your circle equals to more giveback!

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How do I get grouped?

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The good news is that you don't have to worry about anything, we'll put you in a group of people who bought the same type of policy as you.

Just relax and check your savings in real time, and we'll take care of the rest.

Each user has a personal rating that depends on the claims filed personally.

Therefore, in addition to the claims of the group (the mattress effect) you get rewarded in proportion to your personal rating.

Does it cost more than other insurances?

infografica tabella risparmio axieme

Absolutely not!
Our goal is to make you save money.
The policy that you will buy is issued by insurance carriers we partner with, top tier players which guarantee your compensation. Policy premiums are therefore the same you can find on websites or at brokers' offices.

What we do - in addition - is applying the innovative giveback mechanism based on our exclusive algorithm.
So at expiration you can get - unlike other insurers - a Giveback on the price (premium) paid.

Just look at the example in the chart, you will never pay more than a traditional insurance.
You can only benefit from Axieme.

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